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Dental Assistant


Hi, my name is Isabel I’m a dental assistant at HDA. I’ve been working at HDA since summer of 2016. I’ve learned so much here and appreciate both Dr.Mora’s for expanding my knowledge in dentistry making my everyday job something I love to do! Which is making all of our patients feel happy and confident in their smile!


Fun Facts about Isabel

What’s your Favorite Food?

Tacos! Tacos are life I can eat tacos any day all day and never get tired of them.

What’s your Favorite Family Activity?

Going to six flags with my daughter! We enjoy getting on the rides together and spending quality time together!

Favorite animal?

My favorite animal is a horse. Ever since I was a little girl I had one and still do to this day at a ranch in Wisconsin I love the feeling I get when I ride it’s unreal.

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