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Diane Purvin


I’ve been a dental hygienist for over 30 years yet I’m still enamored with dentistry. Sitting in the front row of a continuing education seminar and learning something new about teeth is heavenly. Turning a frightened, quaking dental patient with bad teeth into a happy, relaxed patient with a healthy mouth is so rewarding and it’s downright fun! Flossing and family are very important to me. I have three daughters and three stepsons…kinda like the Brady Bunch, only better because we are a “Crazy Bunch”! I’m very proud to have two children serving in the military and am thankful to be living in the greatest country in the world….. the USA!

5 Fun Facts about Diane

  1.  What is your favorite inexpensive family activity in Arlington Heights? Picking at teeth in a newly remodeled dental office at the corner of Central and Arlington Heights Roads!
  2.  What is your favorite food? The sweet tang of roasted brussel sprouts is a must for every holiday feast.
  3.  Where do you hope to travel one day? One day I will sell my house, buy a bed on wheels (aka-tiny teardrop camper) and take the ultimate road trip across this great nation. There are so many majestic national parks, beautiful natural places, bustling cities and charming towns to experience.
  4. What’s your favorite restaurant in Arlington Heights? Peggy Kinnane’s has a charming downtown atmosphere and something for everyone.
  5. What is something that makes you smile? Dressing up for Halloween in ridiculous costumes, where you can’t take yourself seriously will bring a smile to the inner child in all of us.

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